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The Sunday Indian

Eurozone crisis: So who's next?

Portugal, Ireland and Greece are already down the drain. With Greece receiving another bailout from Eurozone, concerns are mounting as to who might be next. Economic conditions in Italy and Spain indicate that their economies might soon go for a toss. TSI's Amir Moin argues why the Eurozone must concentrate on aggressively pursuing collective reforms.

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The Sunday Indian

Frankly my dear, they do not give a Damn

China’s declining GDP growth has started showing its impact on neighbouring Asian economies. However, if China is to play a significant role in balancing the global economy, then this slowdown should be invited instead of being dreaded, argues Amir Moin

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The Sunday Indian

The great Chinese soft landing!

As China's economy blows up to unprecedented levels, its leadership attempts to tame the monster before it grows so big that it totally runs out of steam

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The Sunday Indian

The White Skin Legacy!

Despite having historically failed to handle its own affairs, economic or political, the European powers still seem reluctant to cut Greece off. It might be high time to leave the black sheep out, writes Amir Moin

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The Sunday Indian

US debt ceiling: Prolonging a crisis

US President Barack Obama might have averted a default by inking a last minute deal to raise the debt ceiling with the Republicans, but the event has revealed deep cracks in the US financial and political system. TSI's Amir Moin argues that unless radical measures are taken to fix the debt problem, America might end up as the next Greece.