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Open uri20130413 32461 jk9od4 article
Business & Economy

$197 billion in lawsuits. Serious.

So far, the July 2008 acquisition of Countrywide Financial has brought to Bank of America’s table, $197 billion in lawsuits. The bank is in a mess and there appears no relief to the state that the beleaguered entity is in at present. There is one quick-fix solution though – a spin-off!

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Business & Economy

All Symbolism, No Substance

Soon after the Economic Liberalisation, It became almost Impossible to lose Money in the Movie Making Business due to The Rise of Multiple Revenue Streams. However, Despite Delivering Blockbusters, Dalal Street largely remains Disinterested in These Stocks.

Open uri20130413 20488 un5x7d article
Business & Economy

An Unequal Music

For The Music Industry, Buffeted by Declining sales of Albums and Slowing Digital Downloads, The Writing on the wall is clear. Embrace Innovative Business models or go under.

Open uri20130413 29360 iah5gx article
Business & Economy

Averting their 'Lehman' Moment

The current Bailout might help Greece avoid a default – The ‘Lehman’ Moment – for now, but their mounting debt will come back to haunt the economy in the near future.

Open uri20130413 2990 1yhtfer article
Business & Economy

“Becoming a Fortune 500 company will take time”

He joined the company in 2001 when it was poised for the typical big leap. Today, PVR Cinemas is one of the largest cinema chains in India, yet not the largest. Nitin Sood, CFO, PVR Cinemas tells B&E's Amir Moin, what it took to reach here and what it would be like ten years later

Stringio article
Business & Economy

Big Oil’s ‘split’ting headache

The world’s largest publicly-listed oil majors did achieve operational efficiencies by riding the M&A wave that began post the Asian Crisis. But times have changed and with their merged state being questioned today, some are mulling over a new strategy to split upstream and downstream operations. Is this a wise move?

9780670086252 article
Business & Economy

Book Review: Churning The Earth - The Making of Global India

If you are one of those who sits back over a cup of coffee, marvels at India’s growth & takes all pessimism with a pinch of salt; this is a book you can’t miss. It’s a rich account of where we stand & where we’re headed

Reverseinnovation300dpi article
Business & Economy

Book Review: Reverse Innovation

If you happen to be the CEO of an Indian corporation, you might do well to pick up this book in order to understand the opportunities that your country has created and how the very existence of your company threatens competition in resource rich nations.

The end of cheap china article
Business & Economy

Book Review: The End of Cheap China

‘Multi-polar world order, political dynamics, economic transformation’ – if you've had enough of all these terms and want to understand China, then this is the book that can help without taking a toll on your head

Open uri20130413 5296 1kq9ksn article
Business & Economy

Can Amazon’s Kindle Fire turn the heat on Apple’s iPad?

The iPad has spawned an array of wannabes and clones but Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is being hailed as a truly disruptive product that could shake Apple’s hold on the tablet market.

Open uri20130413 24654 1h00hf7 article
Business & Economy

Caught in the wrong job?

Merck Today stands at a Juncture where it Requires a Major Overhaul in its Strategic Outlook. Does Kenneth C. Frazier (its current CEO) have what it takes to Guide a Pharma Giant in times of Patent Expiry?

Stringio article
Business & Economy

"Despite opportunities, Facebook faces several risks"

Rick Summer, Senior Stock Analyst, Morningstar, talks to B&E's Amir Moin about the future prospects of the world's largest online social network

Open uri20130413 32461 2jppon article
Business & Economy

Does this P&G ceo deserve the axe?

P&G chief Bob McDonald has come under fire after activist investor William Ackman called on the board to dismiss him. B&E finds out whether McDonald deserves more time and what the larger concern really is – survival of the CEO or the very company?

Open uri20130413 20488 16uolqx article
Business & Economy

Do ‘Megatrends’ mean ‘Megabucks’ for DuPont?

Post the economic meltdown, Ellen Kullman, CEO – DuPont, has focused the company around innovation through science. The idea is to use DuPont’s formidable research capabilities to meet the needs of diverse growth markets. And that’s where the real challenge lies.

Open uri20130413 11911 aciz5g article
Business & Economy

“Facebook’s IPO was hyped. But it was real”

A Programme Director of the Social Business Strategy course at the University of Cape Town and simultaneously the MD of Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy, Dave Duarte is in a position to understand the changing dynamics of digital media. In this exclusive conversation with B&E’s Amir Moin, he discusses the Facebook IPO, its dismal performance and future prospects